OneLife X

The OneLife X faces the challenges of indoor air pollution with the combination of an innovative sustainable filter technology and a sophisticated design. Following the maxim of non-disruptive design its subtle shape and selection of natural materials allows it to blend into any modern-day interior. The fabric cover brings a cozy appearance to the air purifier and is exchangeable. The tilt feature allows a targeted stream of clean air. The air purifier is equipped with a high-quality laser sensor detecting the smallest particles in the air to provide pure air. On the front the sleek control panel displays the air quality and ensures an easily accessible control. In addition, the app gives provides data about the cleaning performance and indoor air quality. The ecologically sustainable filter technology is characterized by the low energy consumption and by reusability of the filter unit due to its easy cleaning under water. This avoids filter waste and unnecessary cost for the user.


Jonas Janßen, Benedikt Maubach, Yannik Gurrath, Christian Schenkewitz, Germany

OneLife GmbH, Germany

Year of production

OneLife GmbH, Germany

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