Time for something new. The prestigious MODUL EDGE line offers a special sensory and visual experience like never before. EDGE is the latest, carefully designed line of the MODUL family and represents the pinnacle of TEM’s offerings. Designed and created by the leading Slovenian manufacturer of switches and sockets based on half a century of experience, rich knowledge of materials, and advanced production technology.

The result is special toggle pin switches, whose shape resembles a latch, giving the MODUL EDGE line a distinctly bold character. Reflecting images of the past and creating a touch of modernity. Special pin switches in various colors form an innovative and unique experience. The harmony of pins in four color essences with metal and glass frames creates a uniquely refined appearance.

Prestigious materials of decorative frames. Thanks to impressive aluminum processing, it shines in a new light – metallic decorative frames of EDGE. In three attention-worthy color experiences: silver, gold, anthracite. The purity of glass allows light to play and manifest in new glass decorative frames of EDGE. Contrasting colors, black and white, satisfy even the most refined taste. With EDGE, you can adapt to both modern minimalist design and rich retro style, fulfilling even the most demanding expectations of new constructions and renovations.

The new EDGE line, part of the MODUL family, enables use with both pins and existing classic switches and sockets of MODUL. The MODUL family is characterized by easy installation, as all four design lines—Line, Soft, Pure, and EDGE—use the same universal platform. The same mounting frames and functional elements are used for both rectangular and round boxes.

You can choose your MODUL switches and sockets from a wide and rich palette of colors, patterns, and shapes, easily adapting them to your desired mood and individual ambiance. Each selected design line will emphasize special details of the interior to create a pleasant living and working environment. Let light become the center of your home, and everyday moments come alive with a simple switch. TEM – On | Off and everything in between.