The NOMAD furniture collection was made for Nyír Demonich wood factory and packaging company within the framework of the 2018 László Moholy-Nagy Scholarship. One of the aims of the project was to upcycle the company’s waste material from everyday production. So we invented a new method of the restructuring to reunion remainder pieces. My idea is to show the beauty of the imperfection and fractility of the waste plywood sheets on the reclaimed surface, creating aesthetic value from the original features. The collection is designed for urban nomads who like to experiment with their life and are often on the move, so the space has to adapt to their constant change. This is reflected as easy-to-assemble, transportable, flatpacked, playful and personalized furniture. Using the company’s unique aluminium hinges and colorful ropes as a structural element gives the furniture line a playful character and the option of customization. The collection’s graphical identity was inspired by the nomadic lifestyle and the geometric shapes of the furnitures.


Sára Kele, Hungary

Nyír-Demonich Zrt.

Year of production

Janos Kmetyko

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