The new corrugated sheets Structa impresses with its fluid geometry, strength and durability. The combination of waves and slate areas creates an elegant and structured look of the roof. Due to the pleasant and varied appearance the new Structa nicely integrates into the environment of urban centers and also in the countryside. Thanks to the large format of the panels, Structa can be installed quickly and economically. Structa is appropriate for new, modern buildings and also for sanations for almost all roof shapes with the roof pitches from 11 ° onwards. The sophisticated properties of the highly flexible fiber-cement material and the production process, which has been tested for many years, ensure the highest quality of Structa corrugated sheets.

Each Structa corrugated sheet is attached to the roof structure twice, making it extremely resistant to storms. In addition, it has a high load-bearing capacity, is frost-resistant, watertight, fireproof and provides comfortable homeliness and economic maintenance of the facility. Due to its low weight, it is also an ideal solution for the renovation of older roofs as it does not require redevelopment of the roof structure. The new Structa corrugated sheets are available in 6 natural colors – to perfectly match with your individual style.


Eternit Slovenija