Nenad Radujević

Fashion Studio CLICK / Belgrade Fashion Week, Serbia

Nenad Radujević initiated the first Fashion Week in Eastern Europe, namely Belgrade Fashion Week, and has managed to keep it alive for more than 25 years and besides, it has always been listed among the 40 most important Fashion Weeks in the world. We have truly been inspired by his powerful vision that brought about Click – the first independent fashion agency in the Balkans, and BFW Design Collective which is one of the biggest Designers Associations in Eastern Europe. His passion for fashion creates energy and enthusiasm, and it has a profound motivational effect on fashion and art community in the region and beyond. He is also a dedicated professor giving lectures at a French fashion school Mod’Art International and at an Italian School of Fashion and Design Accademia del Lusso. He sees fashion as an art form that belongs to galleries and museums, not only to fashion runways. His huge respect and love for fashion community has made it possible for South East European fashion designers to get a broader recognition and to be on an equal footing with other leading fashion designers of the world.