Mu Floating Shelf

Oftentimes we find ourselves searching for that one, missing element that will enrich our home, simultaneously fulfilling a wide spectrum of our needs; timeless in design, multipurposeful, space-saving and elegant. With this in mind, we designed our Mu Shelves. Elegantly minimal, and made from solid wood, the floating shelves add personality, adapting to both traditional and contemporary styles, thus enabling you to achieve your desired look – whether it be a central focal point in your living room, or a functional storage element in any space. The semi-elliptical shape provides an organic visual expression by which the shelves appear to be effortlessly floating in mid-air, providing a clean, airy and uncluttered look for your room. The design implies that the shelves are protruding from the walls, which is done through concealed mounting hardware, resulting in a sophisticated look. Furthermore, solid wood complements many different styles and interiors, allowing you full control and personalisation for your space.


Mustafa Čohadžić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gazzda, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Year of completion

Adi Kubur

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