An open modular storage unit, with a custom CNC milled joinery system which allows it to grow to very large sizes and adapt to many configurations, while hiding the juxtaposition of the different modules. The main design element is the cruciform piece which connects the vertical and the horizontal plywood shelves.
It provides both aesthetic value and structural support as well.

The modularity allows for the integration of different elements and structures, in this case, a lower cabinet with solid oak fronts. The color of the oak, also in a clear oil finish, provides a nice contrast with the lightly colored birch plywood. Small details, like the leather handles, gives it further tactile depth, enriching the user’s experience.

The exterior is finished with a clear oil finish and the interior is treated with wax.
The dimensions are 3150x420x2150mm.








About author:



Architect by trade, with experience working on large, complicated projects, which required a lot of detailing and a lot of involment in the act of construction.

Starting from a personal need, I started in 2009 a long period of study and experimentation in the design world, with an eye on the craft, the technical side, but also on the history and culture of design. I started my own woodworking shop, where I can turn into reality the ideas and designs I sketch. Thus the circle is complete – the abstract ideea is ended in a chisel mark.


Country: Romania
Author: Atelier Ciprian Manda
Photos: Ciprian Manda
Year of production: 2018
Producer: Atelier Ciprian Manda
Country of producer: Romania


Text provided by the author of the project.