MODULAMP is a forming brand that was created by Ilona Zsófia Kókai from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. The MODULAMP has been presented at many events, such as the Budapest Design Week in 2017, the Budapest Art Week in 2018, or recently in the Design Without Borders 13. madeinhungary + 6. MeeD exhibition. The oak body parts are revolving in 360°around the main axis of the lamp, which makes it possible to easily find the suitable set of the illumination and mood lighting. The LED is environmental friendly solution and it can be chosen to the proper usage. The concept is a pure, but natural design, which represents the relation between the environment and the modern society. In the close future the modularity will make it variable regarding to any unique needs.






Design: Zsófia Ilona Kókai
Photos: Maté Lakos, Sara Szatmári
Producer: Zsófia Ilona Kókai
Year of production: 2017