The project gains a youth hostel out of a portion of an old hemp factory in Migliarino. It counts on a reduced regional funding, 270.000€ including the furniture, and a doubtful management profitability. Thus the management aspects, both energetic and economic, are the principal matters. The hostel is a ‘passive machine’, where natural air fluxes are conveyed in order to obtain climatic benefits.




The impossibility of dividing the space, due to the only one source of light and air, suggests an alternative solution to the dormitory: like an indoor camping, autonomous cells are placed, enfolded in light wrapping, which are also climatically independent: a punctual air-conditioning system permits to choose which ones to ‘turn on’. The entire HVAC net is located under the inspectionable wood platform, which works as a connective tissue for the cells.







Author of the story: Antonio Ravalli Architetti
Investor: Municipality of Migliarino
Year of completion: 2010
Location: Migliarino, Italy
Photos: Antonio Ravalli Architetti