Nauta Air 110Mimì la Sardine

Owner’s brief:

“I wanted a new beach house to spend our holiday with the family and friends, my husband a new yacht… Mimì la Sardinemade everyone happy!”

This is how the lady owner summarizes the brief they gave the interior designers.

Key points to Mimì la Sardine interior design were:

  • close relationship between exterior and interior spaces to enjoy the  immensity of the sea and the beauty of unspoilt coastlines;
  • extensive use of organic materialsto bring the natural environment into the yacht;
  • comfortable and relaxing feel throughout;
  • luxury yet understated interior design;
  • lots of natural light in all rooms.

All Owners’ requests perfectly matched with Nauta’s vision and approach to interior design so the project’s development was indeed an easy and smooth process.

The Owners were glad to work with the yard’s team and the designers to tailor their yacht to their own taste and lifestyle. They asked the interior style to be cohesive to the exterior lines and to provide a warm and relaxing ambiance in both social and private areas. According to the Owners’ brief, space and relaxation are indeed keywords throughout this family friendly yacht.


Expedition yachts are more and more popular for characteristics such as semi-wide body hull shapes, wide stern areas, fore carried superstructures, highly stable hull lines, ocean going endurance and ample storage areas for provisions, water and fuel. The 110’ MIMI’ LA SARDINE is the fifth hull to be launched in the successful CDM Nauta Air range of expedition yachts characterized by reliability, safety and powerful seaworthiness on one side, and luxury comfort and elegant design on the other. The combination of Nauta Design’s philosophy, “simplicity is the essence of good design,” and the robust seaworthiness of CDM’s construction makes all the yachts in the CDM Nauta Air series contemporary but timeless yachts, perfectly suitable for summers in the Med and blue water passages at the most extreme latitudes. The design of the CDM Nauta Air 110’ MIMI’ LA SARDINE, the latest launch in the Nauta Air series, is based on our vision of explorer yachts defined by an optimized relationship between interior and exterior spaces. As always, we followed our fundamental quest for lightness in both senses of the word: a general lack of visual weight that goes to create a pervasive sense of brightness. The CDM Nauta Air 110’ project is centered on achieving a high quality LIFESTYLE to maximize on board comfort during the long cruises that an owner of this type of yacht would plan to take.

The philosophy behind the general concept of the CDM NAUTA AIR range is to merge into the natural elements by giving the same importance to outdoor and indoor living areas, creating a seamless connection between the two. This is a yacht for enjoying quality time with family and friends immersed in the beauty of the yacht’s natural surroundings.

The exterior design is focused on ELEGANCE combined with the functionality that’s necessary aboard an explorer yacht: with wide, elongated lines, the Nauta Air 100’ pleases the eye from any viewpoint and combines timeless design with sturdy seaworthiness. This blue water yacht also has a recognizable touch of style that puts her somewhere between a classic Explorer and an elegant “navetta”.

The sun deck has a spectacular view over the sea and features a glass-sided spa pool aft surrounded by sunpads and coffee tables. Further fore, a hardtop with LED light strips built into the ceiling shades a dining table to port. Starboard an elegant bar features a Palecek-made countertop hewn from a trunk of teak laid over the structure beneath. The upper deck outdoor spaces measure 85 sqm. There is a dining area aft with a table for up to 8 guests, placed in direct communication with the indoor saloon, and surrounded by beautiful Palecek cord backed chairs. There are also storage lockers and a crane for launching the tender. The upper deck fore has a secluded sunbathing area and storage for a jet ski. A day head can be accessed from the well-protected side passage. The main deck features a stunning open transom with beach platform and the extra wide spectacular staircase, introducing a receiving area with Roda sofas, Palecek coffe table and chairs that looks over the staircase.




This aft area with its living area and easy access to the water is a key feature of the entire CDM Nauta Air range whose aim is to facilitate contact with the sea. This grand staircase, almost 50% of the yacht’s aft beam, is an open invitation to dive into the sea when you are on board or to come on board when you’re in the sea. Or even to simply enjoy the view with a cocktail in your hand and your feet in the sea water.



The interior design concept of MIMI’ LA SARDINE is based on the brief from the Owners and is characterized by two main key features: ELEGANCE, as per the vision that inspires the whole yacht, and SPACE. Areas aboard are well proportioned, balanced and with the correct ergonomics. resulting in a welcoming, relaxing and inviting interior ambience. The owner’s wife wanted her yacht to be like a beach house and life in close contact with the water became the yacht’s leit motif. Her brief chimed with our long-standing background in sailing yacht design, where contact with the elements is key to design philosophy.

One of the owner’s wife’s principal requests was for the use of organic materials, elements that would bring the natural environment into the yacht. The interiors are pervaded by a vein of natural realism that is evident in the wood that is used throughout the yacht: oak that is aged to look like driftwood, like natural sculptures washed up on the beach.

The main deck sets the tone for the rest of the yacht. The large open space saloon is a continuation of the area on the main deck aft and as such does not have a dining area indoors since there is already one under the overhang aft. The saloon is furnished with couches, armchairs and chairs upholstered in fabrics woven from natural fibres that are elegant and environmentally friendly. The seating is arranged around a black wooden coffee table by Riva 1920 that contrasts with the lighter wood of the built in furniture, sole and ceilings and elongates the perceived space. The white walls in 30% gloss paint with a lightly distressed finish and the ceilings, sole and furniture fronts are in planks of light oak that recall a beachside ambient. Carpeting is in natural sisal. All metallic elements are in unpolished brass that will gradually tarnish so that the entire area will acquire the patina of a vintage yacht over time. The natural light that shines through the large glazed surfaces and the fact that the furnishings are planned for use of the entire area both indoors and out as a single unit increase the sensation of a yacht that blends in to the environment. Another key feature of the yacht is the lighting: to achieve the natural realism effect that the owners wanted, light filters through randomly cut openings in the ceiling to look like sunlight shining through leaves or an improvised covering. Recessed lights can be turned on separately. Continuing fore, the lobby is entirely lined in bleached oak and the stairwell, that leads to all three of the yacht’s decks, is adorned with a sculpture. The full beam owners cabin is fore and starboard and measures 41 sqm. It includes an entryway, walk-in closet and a studio area by a large window. The double bed is centrally placed and faces fore while other furnishings include a coffee table and chairs. Bed and chair heights have been calibrated so that the views can be enjoyed while sitting or even lying down. The owners en suite is also full beam with separate his and hers water closets, a shower and a bathtub. The tub’s niche is sided with bleached and distressed oak and has a decorative eye-shaped element in mirrored glass mounted on unpolished brass that was created by the owner’s wife herself.



Also on the main deck, fore of the saloon and port side, there is a large and functional galley. A service stairwell leads down from the galley to the crew quarters while another one leads up to the upper deck. On the upper deck the sky lounge has a bar backed by antiqued mirror and a dining area with a table by Riva1920. The living area doubles as a cinema with commanding views and is in direct connection with an outdoor dining area on the upper deck aft. The bridge is fore on this deck. The lower deck has two double VIP cabins and two twin cabins. Also on this level, but accessed from the service staircase, there are two double crew cabins, a large crew mess and the Captain’s cabin. All crew cabins are en suite. The crew area has significant refrigerated spaces and sub-lower deck access for dry provisions which allow the CDM Nauta Air 110’ to remain out at sea for weeks. All loose furniture is top quality and manufactured by the best design houses. On the main deck, in the saloon decorative lamps are by Gervasoni, small armchairs and poufs are by Baxter, coffee table are by Baxter, the central coffe table by Riva 1920, the sofas are by Flexform with Loro Piana Interiors upholsteries.

On the upper deck the coffee table and dining chairs are by B&B, the dining table is by Riva1920 and the sofas by Living Divani.

All the bathroom countertops in the guest area are in white colour in Pietra Galizia.



About the design studio:

Superyacht designers Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino founded Nauta Yachts in 1985, having already set up a yard to build their own designs. After the recession bit in the early 1990s the company turned to design and brokerage, and has evolved to become one of the most important studios in the world covering naval architecture, yacht exterior styling and interior design on a vast range of projects from small production sailing and motor yachts with notable builders such as Beneteau to large, custom superyachts both sail and power.


Mario Pedol


Nauta Design may have built their superyacht reputation on developing a succession of notable sailing superyachts, including many of the Southern Wind Shipyard series and projects with Baltic Yachts, but undoubtedly creating the exterior profile of the Lürssen megayacht Azzam – at 180 metres, currently the largest superyacht in the world – has propelled Nauta Yachts into the consciousness not only of the superyacht industry but of the public and worldwide media at large.

Nauta moved from building boats to being a designer and general consultant, and as a result the extensive team of Nauta Design covers all bases, from exterior to interior design, GA planning and brokerage. Notable collaborations and concepts include Project Light, a custom motor yacht initially developed with Fincantieri; Edge, a project for Benetti; the Maori range of large dayboats, and the Nauta Air series with Cantiere delle Marche. The studio has also developed a significant number of custom luxury sailing superyacht concepts. Several projects from Nauta’s boards, such as NikataMy Song and Narvalo, have been awarded with the World Superyacht Awards and other major international awards.


About the producer:

Mimì la Sardine’s Owners are new clients for Cantiere delle Marche(CdM) and, despite being experienced boat owners, they’ve always had different kind of yachts. This is their first explorer vessel nevertheless they perfectly embraced and enjoyed the explorer vessel’s approach to navigation and way of living on board.

For the entire CdM team were a real pleasure to work alongside with each and every person getting behind the project to deliver.

“As yacht builders, we are thrilled to have this family among our Owners. Their incredible eye on design, their approach to project development and clear vision of what an explorer vessel will allow them in terms of freedom and enjoyment of life at sea, make them perfect ambassadors of CdM’s soul” says Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director at CdM. Thanks to the valuable contribution of Richard Master of Master Yachts and his team the yard has further raised the bar of its already outstanding quality. The experienceand knowledge of the Owner’s team in building and managing mega and giga yachts has been an incredible opportunity for CdM’s team to increase their knowhow and, in certain occasions, to improve efficiency in the building process.

Filippo Bevilacqua of CdM’s Interior Design Department says: “Since our first meeting, the owner has created a Pinterest board where we shared ideas making the project grow under our eyes in a fruitful two-way process. It has been a pleasure to work in close collaboration with them and it surely represented another step ahead for everybody at the yard.”

The yacht’s outfitting has been carefully executed. Each one of the materials on board has been selected with the most sense of design, luxury, value, style, and, according to CdM’s philosophy, with enduring quality.

Worth a mention the excellent quality of all steel deck fittings, bitts, chocks etc that are well-placed for easy and safe use.


Design: Nauta Design
Naval Architect: CDM/HYDRO TEC
Producer: Cantiere delle Marche
Photo: Maurizio Paradisi (c)
Year of production: 2018

Text provided by the authors of the project.