The famous travel tales by Marco Polo, entitled Il Milione, relate the story of Venice encountering the Orient, whose cultural influences found their highest expression in architecture, applied arts, and manufacturing. Fabrics, carpets and embroideries with an exotic flavour made their appearance in Venice, the link between two civilizations: a noble weave and warp and weft, evoked by a collection of essential containers, enhanced by doors made of wooden slats alternated by brass details






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Luca is an architect (born 1979), Dario is a designer (born 1982): once accomplished their respective studies, educational path and working experience around the world they meet up in Milan where they start a collaboration which is most of all like taking a journey together. A real as well as a mental path through places, time, language arts, expressiveness which is able to mix up functions and emotions. A double glance at tradition and innovation turning into tangible signs for design and architecture: at the same time having to do with the senses and with technology, therefore consistent with here and now.



An ancient river flowing in the green countryside of the Veneto hinterland, between emerged lands and swamps that have now disappeared. Medulum, one of the favourite waterways of the Venetian aristocracy of old, indispensable for reaching their country homes.

This is where our work draws its inspiration. We combine the experience of 40 years with innovative solutions, collaborating with architect and designer studios in the search and experimentation of new languages, through the craftsmanship of artisanal productions.

Medulum has been designing and making furniture and accessories by searching for and experimenting with new languages, collaborating with architects and designers, with the craftsmanship typical of artisanal productions.



Authors: Debonademeo
Country of designer: ITALY
producer: MEDULUM
Country: ITALY
year of production: 2019


Text provided by the authors of the project.