Papermaker Michal is a former banker who turns to this profession after 14 years since he made his first paper during his travels in Israel. Established in 2013 when their son was born, living his dream with huge support of his wife Slavka, who runs a small letterpress studio.

Papyrea handmade paper mill is a family manufacture in the picturesque countryside foothill of Zdislava village, Northern Bohemia region. Family live in the old wooden house and paper studio is just in the backyard in rebuilded old barn. Making  paper by hand from traditional textile fibers like flax, cotton and hemp. Paper is used for all kind of stationery, like graphic and aquarel paper, wedding invitation, diplomas, certificates. They are organizing creative workshops where you will learn ancient techniques of papermaking and bookbinding. In the upper floor is stylish bedroom where you can stay during the workshop. It is also offered most of the year as a guesthouse, where you have a unique opportunity to see all the “behind the scene”details from papermakers life. You can relax on large garden or explore deep forests around.

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