MEXT, Istambul

MEXT is the digital transformation and competence development centre. It operates as a non-profit educational facility for professionals working in metal industries, where they can experience digital transformation in the real production environment of Industry 4.0 factory, enjoying the latest and most competitive solutions, provided by domestic initiatives, universities and technology companies. The aim of the training is the acceleration of digital transformation of the domestic metal industry. MEXT has the flexible infrastructure that is capable of supporting entrepreneurs and university researchers for the purpose of developing new applications for the industrial digital transformation in Turkey.
The heart of MEXT is the 10000 sqm Industry 4.0 factory. This digital production factory is the world’s first ever virtual iron-steel plant integrated with the control system used in the real life production facilities. The first in Turkey digital production factory with more than 70 production scenarios are end-to-end intergrated from sales forecasting, supply chain to production systems and quality management. MEXT also offers a start-up area for ecosystem partners, a 240 seat conference hall, total 10000 sqm of auditoriums and laboratories, cafeteria, social and lounge areas, as well as a showcase area for the the latest machines and robots. MEXT provides trainings using design-oriented thinking methodology, important for structuring digital transformation processes.

The MEXT journey of the user begins from the self check-in kiosks at the entrance and a 360° virtual tour around the centre, together with wayfinding and signage which makes the navigation easy and predictable. Digital booking system is used for meeting rooms and classes, screens at the entrance to each meeting and classroom allow the user to book it, as well as to control the lighting, temperature and fresh air levels. Special attention was given to acoustic properties of classes, metting rooms and factory space, including such design solutions as felt acoustic wall and ceiling panels, acoustic gypsum boards for ceiling and glass partitions with sound reduction performance.
Due to shortage of natural light in the bulding special attention was paid to artificual lighting solutions used at the centre, which include lighting fixtures mimicing the properties of natural sun light by changing their temperature according to the time of the day. Digital art installations are displayed in various social zones of the centre, which both entertain the user and show the variability of applications of digital technology. The materials chosen for interior space, such as stainless steel and concrete, create an allusion to a factory space, but combined with natural birchwood and green walls they create a wellcoming, human-focused space. The preference was given to locally produced materials.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?

TMEXT is designed in a way to make it easy to navigate and user-friendly. Ramps, elevators and stair lifts ensure that wheelchair users have easy access to all facilities. The way finding graphic elements are designed to cater to users with visual disabilities. In MEXT a building management system collects the data from all engineering systems (including also the carbondioxide, humidity and temperature levels of each premise) and showcases it in real-time on a screen in the reception area in order to control energy efficiency and environmental impact of the space. MEXT is in the process of obtaining LEED Gold Status.


Yalın Tan + Partners


Year of completion

Istambul, Turkey

Total area
10.000 m2

İbrahim Özbunar

Project Partners

Mea Akustik, Dark Lighting Systems, Sigma, Smart Eco Design

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