Matej Feguš has extensive experience with the development of innovative business models that create value for employees, environment and society. He is the owner of Donar d.o.o., one of the most acclaimed Slovenian furniture manufacturers, and a company that built a strong customer base with its world class Slovenian designs, materials and business ethics.

Donar has been awarded several international awards from the field of design and sustainability – RedDot design award winner, German Innovation award, EUIPO design finalist, Green Product winner 2018, Circular Design of the year 2019 and several others.

Matej brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in building relationships of trust with customers and a deep understanding of sustainable consumption patterns, with a focus on improving social interaction ad creating a cohesive community.

He was a part of the Strategy for Slovenia 2050 development group and his example in the business world earned him the CEED Global Entrepreneur of the year award in 2014.