Masar Dushi

President of the Architects Association of Kosovo

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the 1974/75 school year. He pursued postgraduate-master studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade during the ’81/’82 school year but was interrupted due to time constraints. Currently, he is enrolled in higher-doctoral studies at the University of Sarajevo.

In August 1979, he was employed by N.N. “DUKAGJINI” in Gjakova. In October 1980, he was transferred to the Municipal Assembly in the capacity of URBANIST. In April 1983, with the establishment of the MUNICIPAL ENTITY FOR URBANISM AND DESIGN, the office of URBANIST-DESIGNER-1 was transferred to this Office. On 05/05/1987, he passed the State-Professional Exam No.06-152-1-393-86. From December 1990, he was elected as Director of the “Entity for Urbanism and Design” Gjakova, later registered as a joint-stock company sh.a. “ENING” Gjakova, where he stayed until June 1996. From June 1996 onwards, he returned to the position of URBANIST-DESIGNERS 1 at “ENING”. Additionally, he served as Technical-Commercial Representative for Albania and Kosovo for the Slovenian firm “STOL” Kamnik, based in Tirana, until March 1997. As of December 1998, temporarily, due to prevailing unemployment, he joined the American Non-Governmental Association “IRC” in Prishtina, where he worked during the War that broke out in Kosovo, with activity in Tirana. During his time in Tirana near ‘IRC’, he was a Project Manager of the CRT: Kosovo Return Team. Upon returning to Kosovo from August 1999, he continued with “IRC”, KOSOVO STAFF, on the program of FAST RECONSTRUCTION – EMERGENCY RESIDENCE in Professional Evaluation and Reconstruction of War-torn and Destroyed Objects until January 2000. From January 2000, he dealt with Activation sh.a. “ENING” Gjakova in new Kosovo business circumstances, then with Professional Engagement in Design and Construction. From September 2001, he established his PRIVATE Firm – np “NOJTRA CONSTRUCTION” based in Prishtina, where together with his family, he lives and stays to this day. From January 2020, he was elected Chairman of the Association of Architects of Kosovo, a task he carries out with great success to this day.

In the 1979/1980 school year, he was accepted as an external associate – ASSISTANT in the field of ARCHITECTURAL CONSTRUCTIONS I & II at the Faculty of Architecture. In the 1981/1982 school year at the University of Belgrade, he enrolled in third-grade POSTGRADUATE STUDIES in the course “Dwelling (STANOVANJE)” led by Prof Mate BAJLON. He spent three semesters there but was forced to interrupt his studies in 1985 due to subjective and timely reasons. On 05/05/1987, he passed the Professional Exam No.06-152-1-393-86. In 1990, after being forcibly expelled from faculties, he continued his engagement in private homes in the former DRAGODAN neighborhood. In 1994, due to family reasons, he disconnected from his obligations to the Faculty after 15 years of pedagogical engagement. Additionally, in the 1980/1981 and 1981/1982 school years, he worked as a part-time teacher at the “NEXHMEDIN NIXHA” TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL in Gjakova, teaching Architectural Designs. In the academic year 2005/2006, at the PRIVATE UNIVERSITY “AAB” – Faculty of Architecture, he was elected as a Leader in the field of ARCHITECTURAL CONSTRUCTION.

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