Inspiration: a transcontinental collaboration of Paul Direk and Pitour accentuates the dress codes of both cultures. CHANGE is based on the idea of building a cultural bridge between Thailand and Austria, presenting a fashionable combination of these two cultures. CHANGE stands for the chance related to a common global future.








A transcontinental collaboration of PAUL DIREK and PITOUR illuminates dress codes of both cultures. CHANGE is based on the idea of building a cultural bridge between Thailand and Austria and presenting a fashionable combination of these two cultures. As part of the Thai
Fashion Night, PAUL DIREK and PITOUR show a joint collection for SS 2018. Through the eyes of the respective other, a collction for women and men was developed, many outfits unisex. CHANGE stands for the chance for a common global future.

Three-dimensional constructions are transformed in patterns to let the imagination run wild Silhouettes form metamorphosis. Opening and change are the predicates of the summer to create parts with feminine shapes, multiple layers and distortions, which can be cleverly devoured with  various clasps. The clothes offer a counterpoint to the coolness of the present, play with the Alter Ego, with constant readjustment and positioning to be interwoven with the society around us.





Collection or creation: CHANGE
Designer and / or studio: Maria Oberfrank
Photography: Phillphill, Thomas Lerch, Sybiulle Tsalikoglou
Materials and techniques: Cut-outs form of geometric patterns. Intersections and additions interact to become interfaces. Hand-made.
Year of production: 2017
Designer’s country of origin: Austria
Country of brand origin: Austria


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