Maja Jakša

Unikrea studio, Slovenia

Unikrea is a creative studio that combines the fields of interior design and company branding. The ‘why’ of Unikrea studio is to create a better world. To live in a world full of passionate entrepreneurs who consciously lead their companies and contribute to the world with them. The passion of Unikrea studio is to design, consider, and apply the guidelines of the company’s holistic visual identity and values ​​to all media through which the company expresses itself, including business spaces. The company truly feels, lives, and communicates its authentic story more easily, while the people who are part of it feel motivated and inspired, thus bringing more energy and making an even greater contribution to the company. An important virtue of the studio is listening to people and space and recognizing the company’s vision. In this way, it creates supportive and innovative solutions tailored to its needs.

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