Magazine Prostor is a bimonthly publication. It is a specialized magazine for architecture, construction, spatial design, and design, thoroughly addressing topics within these fields. Founded more than 17 years ago, it diligently covers not only current topics in these areas but also the broader impact that design and architecture have on everyday life and community development.

Behind each issue is a team of experts committed to the idea that architecture and design are not merely functional or aesthetic elements but crucial factors that shape our world and the way we experience it. In its work, Prostor focuses on innovations, details that inspire, and projects that transform spaces into more than just buildings or objects.

Its wide distribution of over 25.000 readers per issue ensures that each number reaches a diverse audience, including leading companies, construction enterprises, design offices, architects, government and public institutions, and design enthusiasts. The magazine has a circulation of 4.000 copies per issue, and through advanced distribution, it reaches over 25.000 readers through both print and online editions. This broad readership base confirms the significance of Prostor as a medium that not only informs and educates but also inspires and motivates.

The digital presence of Prostor is also significant. Besides the traditional print edition, the magazine is active online through its portal and social networks, providing its followers with access to the latest issues and exclusive content. This makes Prostor available to a global audience, further raising awareness of the importance and beauty of architecture and design.

Prostor is more than a magazine; it is a platform for the exchange of ideas, a place where trends are formed, and a space where the significance of art and science in shaping the spaces we live in is recognized. With its presence at fairs and events, the magazine further asserts its place as a leader in the industry, not just informing its readers but actively participating in the dialogue that shapes the future.

Each new issue of Prostor is an anticipated event for those who value aesthetics and innovation, and its ongoing work and commitment to quality ensure that it will remain a valued and relevant source of inspiration for many generations to come.

Magazine Prostor

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