IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

Organic shape, feminine silhouette, sculpted for the best ergonomics experience. The new hair-removal handset is all of this, a fair balance between simplicity and recognizable details.

The project main drivers were to refine the previous device aesthetics and simplify the user interface.
The customer did not want to lose the original silhouette deeply linked to the brand. Being a product for body care, wood finishes have been introduced to recall the spa world and make the product less technical and cold. The shape has been more sculpted and dynamized to facilitate a perfect grip and visibility of the area to be treated.

The interface, composed of function buttons and LEDs, has been completely redesigned starting from an optimization of the user experience. The buttons were grouped in a single area where the laser intensity level indicator was also positioned. Everything has been designed to facilitate use and have an intuitive and plug-and-play product.


Whynot design, Italy

Happyskin Co, Australia

Year of production

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