Inspired by a range of shapes and structures, but mostly by a type of windmill, Light Tale is a floor lamp in which the sense of balance and good proportion work together to serve functionality. The geometric shape of the shade tames and gives a sense of touch to the light which is otherwise an indefinite element. It acts mostly the same way the windmill harnesses wind to transform it into energy, only this time energy is transformed into light.




The tail at the back of the shade gives comfort and ease in directing the light source to the desired location. Just like the tail of the windmill follows the wind, so does the lamp follow the user. The shade provides a cone of light suitable for reading or writing but can also be used just for creating a warm ambient in the room. The contrast between the shaded and the illuminated area is well defined due to the opening and the form of the shade.




Design: Design by 201 Design Studio
Producer: Ubikubi
Country of producer: Romania
Photos: Ubikubi Studio, Sebastian Oros, NOOC Studio
Year of production: 2015