Rothoblaas is the one-stop partner for reliable and comprehensive advice for all those involved in timber construction and thanks to its outdoor fastening solutions, designing and building elegant and durable structures will be an experience that will give you a huge satisfaction.
Timber in fact, with its multiplicity of colours and shades, lends itself well to satisfying the most diverse architectural demands and can transform a simple wall into a design element.
You need the right products though.


This range of Rothoblaas retractable junctions is the ideal solution for all on-site structural needs: a truly complete product range which adapts to the construction techniques used in every corner of the planet.
The great versatility of use of the ALU solution is boosted by the variety of formats in which it is proposed, and, in this occasion, we will present you: ALUMINI for structures with smaller sections. The small dimensions of the slide allow to connect secondary joists with limited width and provides a satisfying appearance to the joint.


Imagine your terrace or a wooden façade on the seaside, the pleasantness of the wood mixed up with perfection of nature. Here we are: KKT COLOR A4 screws preserve the harmony of the landscape becoming an everything one with what you see. This A4 stainless steel screws guarantee excellent resistance to corrosion even in very aggressive environments or with acetylate-treated woods and his coloured head is ideal for invisible fastening. Unobtrusive, long lasting, and reliable.


The mounting of the secondary beam on the main beam on your pergola with our UV-T concealed hook connector will be child’s play for you. Its application is intuitive, easy, and fast and this hook system could be easily removed becoming ideal for use in temporary structures. Completely concealed and installed without cutting, it creates a vent that is an attractive architectural detail. UV series: when the safety of aluminium meets the elegance of wood.

Whether a terrace, external cladding or a complete garden redesign is being considered, regardless of the complexity, Rothoblaas provides all the know-how needed to unleash your imagination.