The cupboard started as a study of a composition between the vertical and the horizontal. The leap from the simple sketch to a real complex object is possible through a series of specific joinery details. The statical nature of the design is interrupted by a series of diagonals, which turns it away from a barren design. Beyond the immediate utility to store belongings it’s role is extended to a totem object, further enhanced by the beauty if the wood grain.



The attention to details is not limited to just the front arc, the attention to details also present at the back. The asymmetric play of the drawers fronts is replaced in the back by a clear rhythm of oak elements, which gently curves when taking corners.

The body of the cupboard is finished with a oil finish and the base is treated with white wax . The dimensions are 2150x 450 x 1950 mm.







About the designer/producer:

CIPRIAN MANDA, architect by trade, with experience working on large, complicated projects, which required a lot of detailing and a lot of involvement in the act of construction.

Starting from a personal need, I started in 2009 a long period of study and experimentation in the design world, with an eye on the craft, the technical side, but also on the history and culture of design. I started my own woodworking shop, where I can turn into reality the ideas and designs I sketch. Thus the circle is complete – the abstract idea is ended in a chisel mark.




Country: Romania
Year of production: 2018

Text provided by the authors of the project.