L.A.M.P. (Learning Ability Means Playing)
Creative Center for Children

Located in Glyfada, in southern Athens, Greece, a former dining place was refurbished into a Creative Center for Children, named L.A.M.P. The architectural design aimed at the creation of a space, where every element would serve as a motive for exploration, playing and learning.

The building program consists of two classrooms and two playrooms for kids 1-3 years old and 3-10 years old each, and additional auxiliary spaces such as the café, the front desk and the offices.

The design revolves around concepts such as transparency, the movement of gaze throughout space and the dynamics between architectural elements.





Instead of walls, there are wooden structures that separate the classrooms, which on the one hand serve the need of storage and on the other hand, create playing and relaxation spots for the kids. Οn these wooden elements, there are small openings, which give the ability to the visitor to see through from space to space. At the same time, the repeated use of these “windows”, allows the movement of our gaze, independently of the movement of the body, through space.

The layout of inner areas expands outdoors, transferring the architectural relation between spaces inside out and is organized by green elements, which also serve as a creative stimulus for the kids.










About the authors

Christina Voutou studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and at the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB) as part of the Erasmus exchange program.

She has collaborated with architectural offices in Athens (K-studio, On office, Makis Dimitroglou) where she undertook architectural projects from their initial concept to construction. She has also participated in national and international architectural competitions.

Her body of work includes a variety of high-end private projects, residences, hotels, leisure and commercial spaces, and cultural and educational buildings.


Author: Christina Voutou
Photos: George Sfakianakis

Location: Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Completed: September 2018
Area: 339 m2 Indoor Area, 118 m2 Outdoor Area

Text provided by the authors of the project.