The tourism aspect of the project started out of nothing in 2011 when a couple set up the first apiary – an apiary which enables a save viewing of the beekeeping. Apitourism is something new, innovative and people working in tourism had no idea what it has to offer. That is why its beginnings were difficult, yet Kralov med jumped over the barriers and grew with a variety of activities through the years.

It offers:
– guided tours for tourists with a presentation about the lives of bees and a degustation of their products;
– garden with nectar plants;
– workshops – painting beehive panels and making candles out of wax;
– educational tours for schools and beekeepers;
– relaxation apiary, where you can lay by the hives, observe the bees and breathe the air from the hives.

After seven years this location is recognised by tourist workers and found by tourists from all over the world.


Find more information on their website: Čebelarstvo Ambrožič – Kralov Med

Learn more about apitourism: What is APITOURISM?







Authors: Danijela and Blaž Ambrožič
Photos: Jošt Gantar
Investors/owners: Danijela and Blaž Ambrožič
Year when the project started: 2011
Location: Selo pri Bledu, Slovenia