Korčula Town Museum Interior Design and Exhibition Project

The Town Museum is located in the Renaissance-style Gabriellis Palace which is situated on the main square of Korčula’s Old Town. The interior design and exhibition project’s task was demanding due to the palace’s value, as well as to the continuous construction and upgrades within the palace itself. This has resulted in a display simultaneously showcasing valuable objects, museum exhibits and the palace\’s own intricate design. The exhibition equipment does not interfere with the construction of the building as the pedestals, display cases, and panels on which the museum exhibition is presented are distanced from and independent of the walls yet harmoniously integrated into the space.
Simple grey panels and pedestal cubes lightened by glass surfaces and display cases create a modern and unobtrusive space in which the exhibits are accentuated. The neutral grey colour of the museum equipment on the warm wooden parquet leaves an impression of warmth and of a homely atmosphere that are reminiscent of the small town where the museum is located.


Arhitektonska radionica centar d.o.o., Split; Petra Ivanišević Brzulja, Martina Jelić

Town of Korčula

Year of completion

Korčula, Croatia

Total area
498 m2

Mario Zlokić

Project Partners

Ivo Vojnović

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