Kids Club Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica

The new Kids Club at the Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica was assigned to the office of Polyanna Paraskeva and associates and involves the redesign of the hotel’s existing Kids Club. The design and construction were completed in 2023. Specifically, it is a low-height interior space of almost 130 m2 with limited natural light, extending to a semi-open area of 60 m2 and with surrounding space of 900 m2. The new space was designed for children aged 4-12 and was called upon to fulfill the client’s needs and our common vision regarding the provision of temporary accommodation, recreation, interactive education, and play centered around the unique natural wealth and biodiversity of Costa Rica.

The concept idea is based on the local mangrove forests. Through suggestive design, the trees transform into wooden panels placed in sequence like a vintage optical illusion game, complementing each other and creating the false visual impression of depth within the forest. The new Kids Club constitutes a place of concentrated stimuli for children and invites them to discover, through exploration and educational play, the local flora and fauna.

Drawing architectural vocabulary from mangrove forests and translating it into specific design maneuvers, the Kids Club transforms into an allegorical fairytale world, familiar to the eyes of children. Through an experiential journey of wandering, the little explorers breathe life into their own ‘Forest’ while simultaneously implanting the seed of curiosity and an unprecedented bond with Costa Rica’s unique ecosystem.


Polyanna Paraskeva + Associates; Polyanna Paraskeva

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Year of completion

Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

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