Kentaro Takeguchi

Alphaville Architects, Kyoto, Japan

Born in Kyoto 1971 and Studied in Kyoto University and AA School.
Alpahville Architects are trying to expand the definition of architecture for new 3-Dimensional spaces.
Office is founded in Kyoto Japan 2000 and internationally award winning architecture planning firm.

Alphaville Architects “Primary Structures” Equal Books

1994 S×L house design competition, Japan
1998 Takiron international competition, Japan
2000 Nisshin kogyo architectural design competition, Japan
2005 Kyoto Architect enviromental design competition, Japan
2009,10 INAX Design Contest , Japan
2009 World Architecture Community Awards 20+10+X Projects, U.S.A
2009,13 Design For Asia Award, Hong Kong
2009 Hiše Award 09 for Innovative Excellence in Private Housing, Slovenia
2010 Japan Association of Architectural Firms 2010 Award, Japan
2010 Setsu Watanabe Prize, Japan
2012 Architectural Review House Award, U.K.
2013 International Property Awards, Asia pacific area, U.K.
2013 Prize of Kyoto Architecture, Japan
2013 JIA Kansai Architect Rookie of the year Award, Japan
2013 JCD 2013 Award, Japan
2013 SD review 2013, Japan
2014 Daylight Space 2014, Austria
2014 2×4 architecture design award, Canada
2014 Taipei International Design Award, Taiwan
2014 IAI Best Creative Award, China
2015 Finalist Yufu-shi TIC and Matsusaka city children center
2015 Architectural Design Association Nippon Award
2016 Chubu Architecture Award
2017 Kinokuni Architecture Award 1st prize

2009-14 GA Houses Project, GA gallery, Japan
2011 Metabolism, the city of the future, Mori Art Museum, Japan
Primary Structures, prismic gallery, Japan
2011 Emerging Project 2011, Shinkenchiku Yoshioka Library, Japan
2012 Architecture for Tomorrow, ASJ gallery, Japan