Studio was founded in 2006 by architect Gabriela Kapralova and quick gain attention winning awards for both residential and commercial projects. At ASGK, they believe that an architect´s responsibility extends beyond the design of particular building. They strive to create dignified human habitats in ecological, social and economic harmony with their surroundings. Each project they work on bears the influence of open wide-ranging communication: careful to listen to the client, respectful of the local community, mindful of the relationship between initial investment in sustainable building and subsequent maintenance costs.

Zilvar House
Situated among the fields and forests, Zilvar House is a retreat that enables a family of three to spend time together. A low-energy house clad in larch treated using a ‘burn and stain’ technique to increase longevity, Zilvar’s striking shape was inspired by the client’s 4 year old son who wanted the house to look like an anthropod. Connection to nature is key to Zilvar’s success. Inside, the living room and kitchen form an open whole with a raised portion acting as a relaxation zone, upstairs the bedrooms are housed in the two roof volumes.

PHOTO: Petra Hájská