Kalcer stores are the leading professional suppliers of specialized professional programme for construction and renovation. The stores constantly introduce the newest and the most advanced world products to the domestic market. Variotherm Variocomp floor heating system with its low weight and height is adapted to solve problems in renovation.

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Presentaiton of the products:
Variotherm floor-mounted floor heating consists of load-bearing plates of only 20 mm thick, special profiled pipes which, due to their larger surface, allow for greater heat transfer from the pipe to the plates and the leveling compound, which is dried already within 24 hours of application. The Variotherm Variotype boards are relatively light, but nevertheless strong enough to accommodate most of the floor coverings.

What problems do they solve?
Because of its low weight, the Variotherm Variocomp system is particularly suitable for use on structures where high loads are not allowed, which is often the case with adaptations. Small system thickness – only 2 cm – it can be installed everywhere where cement screed is not possible. Dry-mounting design greatly shortens the instalation time.

Why should architects be informed about it?
Particularly during renovations, there are problems that limit the use of standard floor heating solutions. With the use of dry-mounted, thin and light system Variocomp, we avoid the radiators and obtain a bigger usable surface.

What are customer feedbacks so far?
Customer responses are very good. First, because with Variocomp system floor heating is also obtained in older buildings, secondly, because the work is very quickly completed and most importantly because such heating is very responsive and efficient.


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