Janko Rožič;

Janko Rožič (Jesenice, 1959) is an architect, urbanist, architectural theoretician, a lecturer and an essayist. He works in his own architectural studio together with some other architects of the Open Circle (G. Drašler, J. Polda, J. Kolić …). He used to work as a research assistant at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana (1988 – 1996), and as an advisor to the Slovenian Minister of Culture (2005 – 2007). Since 2012, he has been working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture at the University of Maribor

 He was a prime mover and an architect of the world-famous youth hostel Celica (Cell) which has received numerous awards. He designed the Celica youth hostel in cooperation with some other creative architects and artists (Kočica, Okorn, Krmelj, Ostan, Zorko, Drašler KUD Sestava). He is the winner of some notable domestic and international awards such as the Golden Sower Award (Zlati sejalec) in 2013 for the Raduha house in Luče (designed in cooperation with Drašler and Suhadolc), the Golden Pencil Award (2012), Plečnik medal and the Constructive Alps 2013 international award for the multipurpose centre Rinka in Solčava (designed in cooperation with Lobnik and Podlipnik).

His theoretical and practical work, which is based on spatial principles and linguistic patterns, aims to combine his own creativity with the most ancient wisdom of spatial planning as well as with the most modern artistic, scientific and philosophical insights. He is the author of numerous essays and a co-author of the book Messages of the Space (Sporočila prostora), published by the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 2008.