Immerso Hotel

The Immerso Hotel complex was meticulously designed with a strong emphasis on its relationship with the surrounding landscape of Ericeira, characterized by the valley it occupies and the commanding presence of the ocean. The intervention, crafted with modernity in mind while honoring the essence of the location, seeks to blend natural values with architecture by contextualizing and integrating the structures into the site.

This integration incorporates principles of environmental sustainability tailored to the local climate conditions. The conceptual design of the complex draws inspiration from southern Iberian architecture, featuring scattered smaller constructions on the gentle slopes. The sensory appeal is heightened by captivating views of the valley and ocean, seamlessly integrated from interior to exterior spaces. Design elements such as curves reminiscent of waves define the ceilings of the rooms and the grand restaurant balcony, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the natural setting.


Silva Dias Arquitectos

Year of completion

Ericeira, Portugal

Total area
2.000 m2

Francisco Nogueira, Gonçalo Menezes, Tiago Silva Dias

Project Partners

Engineering: Consulplano

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