DVM group provides the most comprehensive range of integrated building services in Hungary and has been a prominent player in the real estate sector since its establishment in Budapest in 1995. The complete portfolio includes design, project management, environmental consultancy, general construction, development management and construction management. DVM group is a 100% Hungarian, medium-sized enterprise that employs over 170 people. DVM design as a part of DVM group employs 50 architects.

Our commitment towards workplace design:
We find it crucial to serve the best our Client’s requirements, and create the spaces tailored to their needs. Interior design of the workplace is an effective tool for enhancing employee engagement and strengthen the brand of the company, while flexible office space solutions also provide high efficacy for the space usage of the companies, which allows certain expansion within a given boundary and also allows the creation of differentiated spaces for the various use types: focus work, team collaboration, brainstorming, one-on-one meetings, video conferencing, presentations.

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