Light, compact, foldable and most of all safe: this is the new child safety seat HY5 TT (it is pronounced High five) from the Viennese start-up nachfolger. A hybrid seat for newborns through age 5. It’s a true featherweight at 5 kg. The high safety level, the light weight and the simplicity of installation combine all the important aspects. It can be taken everywhere as a handy bag; the seat is a convenient companion in all situations in any mobile situation. Going on holidays with small children is not always relaxing.




The HY5 TT kids car seat makes such trips easier. And lighter. In the true sense of the word. The HY5 TT is the perfect solution for travel. It’s right there when you need it. And once you’ve reached your destination, you can stow it away in a flash. Whether car sharing, taxi or rental car: the HY5 TT is suitable for almost all mobile challenges while traveling with children. On longer hauls, children can rest better in the HY5, thanks to its small outer dimensions and roomy interior. Travel the world with nachfolger! nachfolger The Viennese brand nachfolger is developing into a must-have for modern, travel-loving parents of today.



The 3 fathers Gerd Mitter, Rainald Keller and Jörn Clausen followed the Zeitgeist and developed a child safety seat which meets the demands of the flexible society. In a short time, it was also able to proudly bring home the prizes for the IF Award, the Red Dot Design Award as well as the Innovation Award. New products are already in development in order to meet the ambitious goal of becoming one of the leading providers of mobile safety products for children.




Design: Nachfolger GmbH, Austria
Producer: Nachfolger GmbH
Photos: Nachfolger
Country of producer: Austria
Year of production: 2018