House On The Vineyard

The concept for the interior sought to strike a balance between the historical identity of the house, its rural past and the desire for contemporaneity manifested 60 years ago. Baskets, traditional furniture and objects, some of which were already in the house, were recovered, along with other antique furniture built in the area. The new furniture such as the table, bed and large chests of drawers have been chosen in a warm white colour in order to place them on a secondary perceptive level. Some inserts, on the other hand, recall the transition that the house made during the 20th century through important design icons. In the sleeping area there are cantilever chairs by Mart Stam and in the living area the colourful Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen. The kitchen was custom-designed and conceived for occasional and mainly summer use, calibrating the dimensions to the clients’ needs and height. Made of solid wood from a single ash log, it was reduced to a simple suspended volume in order to minimise its perception in the small living area. Kitchen necessities, such as appliances, dishware and a removable induction hob, are located inside an antique trunk made of painted pine wood. The bathroom, as in most houses in the old town, was the last room added and is typologically an alien body. It has been completely rebuilt with a Ceppo di Gré stoneware cladding, seeking a dialogue with the restored “terrazzo” floor of the rest of the house. A story of overlapping and rewriting that the new intervention seeks to tell and interpret.


Arcari Cimini Architettura


Year of completion

Frisa, Italy

Total area
58 m2

Beatriz Arcari

Stage 180°

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