Hotel Zermama, Zermatt

Hotel Mama is centrally located in the fashionable town of Zermatt, steeped-in-tradition, with a view of the world-famous Matterhorn. The aim of the architectural design was to create a characteristic building envelope that reflects the energy of the new management, without introducing an element that would seem out of place in the structural context. This is achieved through the combination of strong angular reveals, modern design language and the use of typical alpine building materials, such as natural stone and wood cladding. The dark wooden façade in combination with the golden logos and the warm white lighting has a timelessly elegant yet invitingly warm effect that is further enhanced by the structured and backlit façade elements. The lateral wooden panelling across all floors turns the deep balconies, which face south towards the Matterhorn, into weather-protected transition areas between the inside and outside..


Perathoner Architects; Rudolf Perathoner


Year of completion

Zermatt, Italy

Williamo Croall

Project Partners

Aster Gmbh, Erlacher Gmbh

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