The new hood clothes rack, created by Sebastian Desch, offers a versatile extension or alternative to wall panelling, a concealed coat cupboard, or closed wardrobe, making an impressive entry in the TEAM 7 hallway. Its slender frame reaches upwards like a tall tree with a four-armed crown. Its compact structure is just 60 cm in diameter and consists of a central X element with two side supports, forming a gently curved nodal point. The spreading arms offer plenty of storage for jackets and coats, with additional hooks at half height for bags or children’s coats.





Anyone needing more hanging space for clothing and bags can opt for hood+, which is available in a 110 cm length or 130 cm. The different models offer a choice to suit individual needs and the space available. The interplay of straight edges and curves means these pieces t harmoniously into many different styles of entry hall. To match these, as a decorative and convenient feature for guests, TEAM 7 at last has a clothes hanger in the range again, too, after a long absence: it is made of three-layer ply, just 12 mm thick – a further illustration of the manufacturer’s skill in working with wood. There is also a new TEAM 7 shoehorn – a useful accessory, so elegantly styled that it becomes a design feature with a delightful tactile quality.





Design: Sebastian Desch
Producer: Team 7
Country of producer: Austria
Year of production: 2018