Homes in the Pastures, Redagno di Sopra

Homes in the Pastures are two architectures which add 6 master bedrooms to the Zirmerhof Hotel, situated in the mountains of South Tyrol. They are realized with timber salvaged after the Vaia storm of 2018, which tore down 14 million trees. The project transformed this timber into an installation of art and architecture. The salvaged pinewood has been used for beams and to build load-bearing walls, while formwork, internal walls and floors were realized with the salvaged larchwood. Clad with larchwood shingles, the roofs recapture an ancient construction technique. The Houses have different layouts. The first is circular and accommodates two suites, while the second is linear and houses four apartments and a convivial double-height area in the centre. The scenographic interiors are made possible by Produzione Privata, the company founded by Michele De Lucchi to produce experimental objects while supporting local artisans. The contemporary feel of the environment is determined by the careful design of each single element.


AMDL CIRCLE & Michele De Lucchi

Zirmerhof Hotel

Year of completion

Redagno di Sopra, Italy

Total area
430 m2
120 m2

Max Rommel

Project Partners

Lignotec GmbH, Produzione Privata, Artemide SpA, Daldos Holz K.G, Bernhard Santa, Plankl GmbH

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