Hm Lang Wine Press, Stein an der Donau

The Lang’s are vintners producing organic wines from their terraces above the Danube in the Wachau valley. They commissioned us to reinterpret a traditional manual timber wine press in contemporary terms. Wine presses of this kind stem back to the Roman Empire. They were made from single trunks and were built until the turn of the last century. We replaced the timber with a concrete and steel structure and re-used industrial elements. The press sits on an old fruit orchard above an air-raid tunnel built by locals during the war. The Austrian state had no idea what to do with the abandoned tunnel so our client purchased and placed his wine cellar inside. The wine is pressed directly into barrels in the cellar through a hose that is drilled through the rock. The I-beam is attached to a 6 ton concrete counterweight and is supported by a reinforced concrete framework. The grapes are pressed in a custom made stainless steel barrel. The pressed juice flows in shallow trenches engraved on the concrete base that lead to a long funnel. The mechanical components are covered by a cantilevering, partially louvered roof thus blurring the line between machine and building.


Tzou Lubroth Architekten; Chieh-shu Tzou, Gregorio S. Lubroth, Lea Artner

Heidelinde & Markus Lang


Year of completion

Stein an der Donau, Austria

Total area
80 m2

Site area
600 m2

Bengt Stiller

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