The Helios Group successfully manages a whole range of brands (Spektra, Tessarol, Belinka, Color, Neostik, Floor Expert,…) and covers a variety of coating and construction segments with various products. A wide range of products in various price and quality groups – from wall paints, facade systems, anti-corrosion coatings, wood coatings and metal protection products to road marking systems and industrial flooring solutions. Wide range of products and system solutions is one of Helios’s main competitive advantages.

Sports hall and Stadium Stožice, Ljubljana

All wall surfaces in the hall and corridors are protected by Helios’s SPEKTRA wall program. The steel roof structure of the hall and at the stadium was protected with Helios coatings.

Olympic bob stadium Sochi
Wooden glued carriers in the building are protected with Helios wood coatings

Hotel Ambasador, Opatija
The facade is made with Helios façade system.

Short presentation of novelties, innovations, improvements, solutions:
In the segment of interior wall paints we have a new innovative color HELIOS Spektra ACTIVE AIR. It is a high-quality, technologically innovative interior wall paint that breaks down formaldehyde in the air. The paint is suitable for all interior wall surfaces in private and commercial buildings. Thanks to its extraordinary air-purifying function, it is especially suitable for kindergartens, schools, health institutions, retirement homes and all spaces where people stay often or for a long time. (offices, bedrooms, hotel rooms, etc.).

Main features:
breaks down formaldehyde in the air
significantly improves air quality in the room
Does not contain solvents
high washing-grade 1 according to EN 13300
high coverage
easy cleaning
resistance to chemicals
wide selection of pastel colored tones – HGMIX

Which problem the novelty, innovation, enhancement presented addresses/solves?:
Formaldehyde is one of the largest and most concerning pollutants in a space due to its many sources of origin. It is an extremely harmful carcinogen found in furniture, wallpaper, curtains, wooden linings and other household fabrics, as well as in certain cleaning products. HELIOS Spektra Active Air decomposes formaldehyde and some other volatile compounds into harmless water vapor and CO2.

Why you think architects should be aware of this?
70-90% of our time is spent indoors, where the air is up to ten times more polluted than air outside? Due to its many sources of origin, formaldehyde is one of the largest and most worrying pollutants in indoor conditions.

Current responses from clients 
Better air, it’s easier to breathe.


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