After obtaining his bachelor’s degree from The Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana, Jure Dolenc got employed at the City Studio company. In 2012 he became the manager of the company with a 30-year tradition in the area of traffic, spatial and urban planning.
While planning transport policies, he also came across the so-called glamping, and he got involved in planning and construction of glamping resorts in Slovenia and abroad.

In 2017, he established, together with the architect Borut Kokelj, Glampro company which he has been running ever since.

Glampro trademark brings together experts from the fields of creative design, architecture, landscape architecture, marketing and resort managing. The company offers an entire range for services – from the initial idea to planning, construction, marketing and resort managing.

The company has created some of the most famous and successful glamping resorts such as Garden village Bled, Ljubno Herbal glamping, Adria Olimia village, Chateau Ramšak Maribor and Obonjan Island. The company is currently planning to develop some tourist products in various parts of the world and it shall take part in constructing two resorts, namely the “T-nest” resort and the “Starville” resort. “T-nest” shall represent the first dispersed hotel with a combination of luxurious houses and tents in Croatia, whereas Starville resort has been intended for those who are interested in observing stars on the island Jeju in South Korea.

Glampro is also an exclusive partner of Adriadom company and it plays a crucial role in the development of glamping products (luxurious tents) and in designing resorts for their clients.

The company’s guiding principle is that a tourist product shall offer a unique adventure that cannot be experienced in a classical hotel. It shall render possible a contact with nature and a local community and provide topmost hospitality. Special attention shall be paid to a location, minimal intervention into nature, sustainable planning and inclusion of the local community.