A sophisticated solution for the new look in urban environment – Plain I luminaire. It utterly seems simple, but it totally makes sense in modern urban environment. Nothing is coincidence. Everything has a clear meaning — not only the concept and fulfilment, but also carefully selected materials used to present the product.


The main principles of designing Plain I luminaire: Design that enables simple technological process, economic efficiency and shorter cycle of return on investment with energy savings. Modularity of luminaire module that enables integration of complex photometric solutions. Simple maintenance during a long product life cycle by using an innovative approach of the dislocated power driver unit and intelligent module. Minimalistic approach, enhanced by development of luminaries Plain I series. Bracket design enables a perfect illumination angle for vertical and horizontal settings. Resistance to different weather conditions.





Design: Gašper Puhan in cooperation with: Medias Kreativ d.o.o. and R&D department of GeoEnergetika d.o.o.
Producer: GeoEnergetika d.o.o.
Country of producer: Slovenia
Year of production: 2017