The Frigate chair is a new member of the Plydesign product family. Our aim was to find an affordable application to the 3D-veneer technology and make it’s unique characteristics, the possibility for higher comfort available for wider audiences.





The seat shell is assembled from two pieces, just like the Flagship armchair. This construction enables an economical production as the seat part can be made with conventional form-pressed plywood technology, only the ergonomically most important backrest requires 3D-veneer. The three-dimensional backrest provides appropriate lumbar support, the front edge of the seat is bent downwards in order not to cut into the occupant’s thighs. This way the chair can offer the same comfort and ergonomic quality as the fully 3D plywood shells, but it can bring these benefits to much more people.




Design: András Kerékgyártó
Producer: Plydesign Ltd.
Country of producer: HungaryPhotos: Attila Glázer
Year of production: 2018