Freskim Sylejmani

Association of Architects of Kosovo - Board Member, archiEDU | CEO/BIM Manager

Freskim Sylejmani is a seasoned architect and senior BIM (Building Information Modeling) manager at archiEDU, a multidisciplinary firm where he also serves as CEO. His company specializes in architecturaldesign and supervision, BIM training, Software distribution for AEC (Architectural, Engineering, andConstruction) industry, as well as building performance analysis, 3D presentations, and virtual (VR) andaugmented reality (AR) presentations.

As one of Kosovo’s leading BIM experts, Freskim has conducted trainings, lectures, and workshops bothlocally and internationally. Over the past few years, he has played a pivotal role in implementing BIM technologies in some of the largest local and international companies and design offices.

Freskim is deeply committed to designing sustainable, low-carbon emission buildings, focusing onpassive building designs and energy efficiency. He furthered his expertise by pursuing master’s studies in Energy Efficiency through the Erasmus program.

He has developed expertise in the preparation and implementation of digital transformation workflows forthe building industry and is an active researcher in energy efficiency, Building Energy Modeling (BEM), building performance analysis, building acoustics, parametric/algorithmic design, and constructionprocess management.


Share Skopje 2020: First Prize for Future Projects.
KAMENICA City Main Boulevard Competition: Second Prize.
Government of KosovoMinistry of Culture: Second Prize for the Cultural Hall dedicated to Albanian Opera Singer Nexhmije Pagarusha.
Private Investor BAU Holding: Second Prize for a neighborhood project in Prishtina featuring 300 houses and related structures.
Grand HOTEL Prishtina: Award for the restoration, redesigning, and reorganization of this iconicbuilding and the adjacent public space, connecting it with Prishtina’s main city boulevard.
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