Francesca Fusari

Offstage; Italy

Offstage is an architecture studio and a general contractor, founded in Milan in 2018 by Alessandro Colmanni and Cristian Minerva. This studio is the outcome of nearly twenty years of activity in the field of design.
The path of the founding partners covers multiple aspects of design and building: architecture (in the broadest sense) and structural engineering, ex novo construction, and interventions on pre-existing buildings. All of these activities constituted their own specific, and strongly interconnected, know-how.
A synthesis of heterogeneous experiences, which also includes exhibition set up and event production, Offstage is a reality that becomes the unique interlocutor in the design and construction dynamics.
Offstage works on behalf of many other architectural firms, providing technical expertise in both design and project execution, and as a general contractor, ranging from construction and plant engineering works to the handcrafted realization of custom details and the direct sale of the major design brands products.

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