An industrialized system for flexible ceramic sheets for the construction of cladding and laminated structures. Revolution is due to its large format of small pieces, which are usually laid one by one.

A flexible steel mesh in which ceramic pieces are inserted, in pitch or broken formation. Pieces are safely confined as they are provided with slots or perforations at both ends which are used for housing the wires of a steel mesh fastening all the unit.

Versatile in constructive applications
The same Flexbrick with identical aesthetic finishing can be used in façades, concrete panels, pavements, structures, etc.

Numerous design possibilities. Flexbrick may be customized to meet each project needs, allowing to choose for each case the density of pieces, tissue geometric patterns, piece materials, formats and finishing.
Our technical office will advise you on what you need. We help you to make your projects come true.

SUSTAINABLE. Ceramic of Flexbrick tissues is baked with Biogas. In addition, it is easily recyclable due to its simple element separation, which are dry joined.
LARGE DIMENSION FORMATS (up to 20 ml). Lower labour costs.
OPTIMAL EXECUTION PERFORMANCE. Laying by means of a crane accelerates the constructive process significantly with the finish already incorporated in a single operation.
FLEXIBILITY. Flexbrick sheets can be stored and transported folded in pallets or rolled on a coil.
MULTIPURPOSE. By modifying less than 10% of the mesh components, a same Flexbrick may be applied in pavements, façades and roofing facilitating the continuous enclosure.
VARIABILITY. A prefabricated system which allows numerous tissue configurations and colour ranges.
DESIGN. With Flexbrick, decorations can be created by combining different configurations, project continuous enclosures, build any curvature and obtain precise alignments remarkably quickly and saving costs.
EXTEND THE TRADITIONAL USE OF CERAMIC PRODUCTS to new potential markets in architecture and civil works.
EASY MAINTENANCE, repair, and recycling. As it is a dry and roll system, it enables to “collect” the Flexbrick for making maintenance works easier in its batter or for replacement or recycling.
ASSISTANCE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Flexbrick can provide its customers with a construction manager for supervising the execution of each project, with the objective to optimize performance and advantages.



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