Fina sideboard With Fina, we were looking to make a TV sideboard that would be equally beautiful as practical for modern use. On the outside – and inside. Many people struggle nowadays with cable management inside their TV furniture, because of narrow cable routing holes with sharp edges. Fina has one large cable routing hole on the back, through which large hands and thick cable bundles can easily fit. It has two smaller holes on the inside, that route cables from the center of the sideboard to the side compartments. This, so that people can comfortably connect their tech in any compartment they like. All holes are finished with custom made rubber masks, to prevent injuries in the cable management process.




Thin lines give Fina a minimalistic look, which is accentuated by the repeating contrast between light oak and black elements. Her solid oak surfaces are carefully polished by hand, so that Fina is as pleasing to touch, as she is to see. About Mustafa Cohadzic Mustafa has furniture design in his DNA: he comes from a family of artisans, and his dad handcrafted furniture. As a teenager, he was already designing and constructing his own pieces in the family workshop. Mustafa blends classical wood carpentry design with flashes of futurism. It is important to him that that his designs solve every-day functional problems, while also invigorating the senses – staying true to Gazzda’s key design features; light, smooth, natural.





Design: Mustafa Čohadžić
Producer: Gazzda
Country of producer: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year of production: 2017