The method of operating the study is based on the research and development and overlapping of lines / signs, needs, languages of contemporary living together with the desire to integrate tradition with what makes everyday life read. The lines of this project come from the analysis of nature, specifically we looked at how the trunk of a tree is deformed when it finds an obstacle in its development.





Its lines are deformed by changing their normal conformation respecting the obstacle and generating a unique structure suitable for that situation. The lines of our session do just that, they are lines that envelop the situation of the session become a chair defining a unique and valid line for its function. On this theme “obstacle / function” on which other objects with different functions will self-generate: lounge tables, lamps etc.




Design: Robby Cantarutti and Partners architects and designers
Producer: Robby Cantarutti and Partners architects and designers
Country of producer: Italy
Year of production: 2016