October 19, 2018
City of Design Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia with a diversity of unspoiled green landscapes and rich cultural heritage has a great potential for developing green, sustainable tourism.
The development of high value-added tourism products requires multidisciplinary involvement of creative industries.
Festival Creative Tourism is the right meeting place for interdisciplinary meetings of all who see business potential in turism.

October 19, 2018

10.00–22.00: Trade show Tourism²
10.00–16.00: Contact tables for suppliers in turism sector
10.00-15.00: Tourism 180 ̊ – How to succeed; Presentations of successful turistic stories
12.00-13.00: Lunch
13.00-15.00: Tourism cocktails – Presentations of exhibitors
15.00-16.00: Tourism 180 ̊ – Presentations of the innovations of the suppliers in tourism
17.00-18.00: Round table: tourism & wood – sinergies and strategies
20.30–20.45: Award ceremony and Wood for creative tourism exhibition opening
20.45–22.00: Networking

Forum wood for creative torusim will explore the potentials of timber in architecture as a  tool for innovative and sustainable development of tourism. Internationally recognised architects will present innovative examples of use of timber in designing open environments and innovative practices for tourism.
Creative architectural solutions can result into high quality landmarks, which might support local identity and attract further investors.

Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe (after Finland and Sweden) with high developing potential for wood industry. Here distinctive traditional use of timber has developed in architecture in different ways through the history. Besides, tourism is continuously growing business in Slovenia. . Due to these two facts, the conference will be organized in an attractive environment to bring new opportunities for investors and architectural designers. Therefore, the conference should combine the speaker’s experience from abroad with local demands into proactive experience.
Architectural solutions can create successful business and common joy!


Trade show Tourism²
B2B trade show of innovative equipment, products and services for tourism.

Round table: Tourism & wood – sinergies and strategies
The round table with experts from both, the tourism and woodworking industry, will highlight the vision of Slovenia in the development of the country as a green tourist destination and how to build synergistic effects with the integration of use of wood in the concept of green tourism.

Tourism 180˚
Tourism 180˚ is a series of challenging short presentations (180 seconds each) by visionars in tourism about sucsessful, creative concepts that answers the question How to succeed?
They will present their own innovative and development experience, their competitive advantage on the market, such as: how they managed to create innovative tourist product, how they positioned on the market, what stands behind their success etc.

Exhibition Wood for creative tourism
The exhibition will show selected excellent projects on international level about use of wood at achieving high quality architectural landmarks to support local identity, sustainability and attract visitors to local communities or private investors.
Tourism is a growing industry. Development of destinations with high added value requires thoughtful approach in land development. Selected examples of good architectural practice will demonstrate how to support the local identity of the tourist destination through innovative architectural design and use of wood.

Visiting Trade show Tourism² and presentations Tourism 180˚ is free, registration is required.

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Attending Forum and Round table is free, registration is required.

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