Ferma collection is an analogy to one of the oldest instruments that have helped humans to fetch water, the bucket. The handle of the bucket seemed to be the most recognizable element of the object, so its integration in the overall design reveals where the inspiration was drawn from. In this case, the handle doesn’t serve its primordial purpose but instead has received a new life as a towel hanger or shelf.





Corian and wood are an interesting combination of materials, creating a pleasant contrast and an overall harmonious aesthetic. The collection consists of a free-standing washbasin, a wall mounted wash basin, mirrors, and stools that have a towel holder integrated into their seating. Ferma wash basin uses a Click-Clack drainage valve, part of the Kroner range.


Design: 201 Design Studio
Producer: Ubikubi
Country of producer: Romania
Photos: Ubikubi Studio, Sebastian Oros, NOOC Studio
Year of production: 2017