Atelier ST has been directed by Silvia Schellenberg-Thaut and Sebastian Thaut since 2005. They work with about ten employees on projects of varying dimensions with focus mainly on housing and cultural buildings. Their work is characterized by playing with visual expectations, translating the seemingly known and familiar into distinct and contemporary architecture.
Atelier ST thus places itself outside the big architectural ideologies and advocates an alliance of tradition and modernity. They are able to create unique, powerful buildings.

Forest House
On a large wooded estate dominated by pine trees near a crystal clear lake there is the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the nature. The concept was to reproduce the atmosphere of the dark forest cottage, which stood there from 1926. The new Forest House, placed exactly on the original site, summarize proportions and the simplicity of the construction from the wooden cottage. In its simple form and the reserved appearance it succeeds in integrating with the pristine natural surroundings in such a way that it gives you the impression it has been there forever.

PHOTO: Werner Huthmacher
PORTRAIT PHOTO: Bertram Bölkow